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"Juneteenth Art Exhibit:
Celebrating Handmade Artistry"

Explore further details about Eihab's upcoming exhibit, where we will be showcasing handmade art created by individuals to celebrate Juneteenth. Discover the theme, types of art featured, participation guidelines, delivery deadlines for artwork, and more.


For additional information and to delve deeper into this exciting opportunity to celebrate Juneteenth through art, please reach out to us directly. We look forward to sharing this inspiring celebration with you!

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July 23rd
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The Way Forward Gala

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Join our team of skilled professionals dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of others.


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STAR Career Day

an individual for sefl advocacy

EIHAB Human Services' Self-Advocacy Council empowers individuals by providing a platform for their voices. We follow the CQL model and prioritize fostering rights, inclusivity, and autonomy.

Through tailored initiatives and support, we aim to enhance quality of life and active participation. Join us in championing empowerment for all!

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