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EIHAB Central Intake  


EIHAB Central Referral & Information Center acts as the primary hub for care managers, families, self-advocates, and professionals seeking assistance and information related to intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Our center plays a crucial role in directing inquiries to the appropriate state and borough Intake Departments, particularly in NY, NJ, and PA, serving as the starting point for individuals to access necessary services.

Our Intake Team is extensively trained to facilitate the process for individuals with IDD and their families, ensuring they can access essential services effectively. Our Referral Team is committed to:


- Offering comprehensive information about specific available services.
- Assisting individuals in obtaining the required evaluations.
- Providing guidance on steps and navigating the eligibility criteria for services.
- Referring individuals to a wide range of programs and services offered by EIHAB and other organizations, such as OPWDD and Care Coordination Organizations, to meet their needs.

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