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EIHAB Human Services 

2024 Autism Walk 

EIHAB is taking it to the Streets!

On April 30th, 2024, the kickoff for our 2024 Annual Autism Walk was truly exceptional! The Day Program and the Event Committee were overjoyed by the incredible turnout and the infectious enthusiasm displayed by all participants. Witnessing so many individuals donning their "royal blues and walking shoes" in solidarity for autism awareness and advocacy was truly heartening. A standout moment was marching alongside our police heroes from the 105th Precinct. Their support elevated our cause, fostering greater awareness and community connection as we walked together.


Best Art for Autism!


The Autism Sign Contest was a vibrant addition

to our 2024 Annual Autism Walk, with 10 teams

bringing their creativity and dedication to the


Here are the participating teams:

1. Gentle Ladies

2. Garden City Spartans

3. Mighty Heroes

4. Unique Team

5. Shining Pillars

6. HR Heroes

7. Bohemia Strong

8. Brooklyn Finest

9. Springfield Warriors

10. Miracle Workers


Each team crafted meaningful and visually appealing signs that emphasized the significance of autism awareness and support. Queens Village and Garden City added their unique touch to the Autism Sign Contest, contributing wonderful signs that beautifully highlighted the cause and raised awareness. Their participation was not just appreciated but also admired for the creativity and dedication they brought to the event. It's moments like these that truly showcase the unity and collective effort of communities coming together for a meaningful cause like autism awareness. The judges faced a tough decision due to the outstanding quality of all the entries.


In the end, Bohemia Strong claimed third place with an inspiring display, while Springfield Warriors secured second place with a highly impactful sign. Brooklyn Finest emerged as the first-place winner, impressing everyone with their creativity and resonating message.


To celebrate their achievements, each winning team received a trophy and enjoyed a well-deserved pizza party. Additionally, all participants in the contest were recognized for their hard work and dedication with special gift bags filled with tokens of appreciation.This contest not only added excitement and energy to the event but also showcased the unity and creativity within our community as we continue to advocate for autism awareness and support.





EIHAB Human Services Gala:

Pioneering "The Way Forward" After 25 Years

"The Way Forward" represents EIHAB Human Services' forward-looking approach after 25 years of impactful service. It signifies the organization's commitment to pioneering new paths and innovative strategies to continue making a positive difference in the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities and behavioral health challenges. This includes expanding and enhancing programs, embracing new technologies and methodologies, fostering community collaborations, and empowering individuals to achieve their life goals through personalized support and guidance.


"The Way Forward" encapsulates EIHAB's vision of continuous progress, adaptation, and improvement as they navigate the next chapter of their mission.


During the gala event "The Way Forward" by EIHAB Human Services, CEOs Joshua Thomas and Hamdy Elgindy delivered impactful addresses, encapsulating the essence of "Celebrating a Quarter-Century of Impact."At the Garden City Hotel on May 17, amid an atmosphere of commemoration and progress, both CEOs articulated the organization's remarkable journey over 25 years. They emphasized EIHAB's pivotal role as a multi-lingual, multicultural not-for-profit organization, reaching out to more than 1,000 individuals with developmental disabilities and behavioral health challenges across New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.


CEO Hamdy Elgindy passionately conveyed the organization's unwavering commitment to leveraging their past achievements as a springboard for even greater impact. His address resonated with a vision of extending support and empowerment to individuals in underserved communities, promising a transformative impact in the years to come. These addresses not only celebrated EIHAB's achievements but also set a clear direction for the future—a future where EIHAB continues to pioneer innovative solutions and initiatives, making meaningful differences in the lives of those they serve.


The formal proceedings of the evening included a special tribute to Melanie Hardja from Lamb Insurance Services for her unwavering commitment and support of EIHAB's mission. The event was skillfully hosted by Kristin Thorne, an Emmy Award-winning reporter from WABC Channel 7, with Dr. Hirah Mir, Chief Diversity Officer for the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities, delivering an insightful keynote address.


Honoring Commitment and Support


Expressing Gratitude and Vision

Chief Executive Officer Joshua Thomas expressed gratitude, stating, “EIHAB Human Services extends its Joshua Thomas, Co-Chief Executive Officer of EIHAB Human Services, expressed heartfelt gratitude to sponsors, donors, and supporters for their vital role in celebrating 25 years of transformative impact.

Chief Executive Officer Hamdy Elgindy reiterated the organization's unwavering commitment to amplify their positive influence on individuals with developmental disabilities in underserved communities for the next quarter-century. Their words inspire confidence in EIHAB's future endeavors and the enduring impact they seek to achieve.




Empowering Lives: A Vision for the Future

EIHAB's core mission revolves around providing high-quality, compassionate services to empower individuals with developmental, intellectual, and behavioral health challenges to lead fulfilling, productive lives. The gala also served as a platform for Chairman of the Board Jason Wonsang to outline EIHAB's strategic plans for future growth. These plans include expanding residential and habilitation programs and broadening supportive services to take a life coach approach, assisting individuals in achieving their specific life goals.


Dance the Night Away

into the
Way Forward


Acknowledging Generous Support

The gala's success was made possible by the generous contributions of sponsors like Trooper Foods (platinum sponsor), Lamb Insurance Services (silver sponsor), Community Care Rx, and the Joseph Ahmed Foundation (bronze sponsors). Notable contributors included BDO, Elsamra Construction, MHH Clinical Services, Moritt Hock & Hamroff, TD Bank, Unique People Services, Valley Bank, Paycom, BottomLine Concepts, and Marketing Works. Additionally, individuals and organizations such as Yonkers Honda, Go Green, the Mahdaly Family, Fancy Lady Cleaning Services, and Harlem Valley Corp showed their support through donations.

For   All of Your Support....

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