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Welcome to EIHAB, where we journey together with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities through the dynamic environments of New York and New Jersey. We extend a warm invitation to those in search of support, personal growth, and brighter prospects for the future.


Why Choose EIHAB:

Choose EIHAB for our steadfast dedication to nurturing independence and enabling individuals to flourish. Our innovative Supported Employment (SEMP) and Vocational Training initiatives, integral to our Day Services, reflect our commitment to tailored assistance and mentorship. We are devoted to realizing the potential within each person, offering life-changing experiences that spark passions and facilitate significant societal contributions.


Join Us:

Embark on an inspiring journey toward a future filled with promise, purpose, and limitless possibilities with EIHAB. Whether you're pursuing employment, community involvement, or self-improvement, EIHAB provides a route to achievement. Our Day Habilitation Without Walls Programs in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania serve as pillars of community engagement and customized care, welcoming individuals to explore self-discovery, social interaction, and skill development. At EIHAB, innovation is our lifeblood, driving us to expand horizons, create novel experiences, and explore new frontiers. Together, we can unlock a realm where every aspiration, no matter its scale, is attainable.

EIHAB—where every tomorrow gets brighter and brighter!

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