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Our mission is clear: to empower the individuals we serve by providing them with a platform to voice their needs and aspirations. At the heart of our Council's objectives lies the commitment to foster an environment where every individual feels valued and heard. Through innovative initiatives and collaborative efforts, we strive to enhance the quality of life for those in our care.


The Self-Advocacy Council serves as a beacon of inclusion and empowerment, ensuring that individuals with developmental disabilities have a say in matters that directly impact their lives. We believe in the principles of self-advocacy and self-determination, recognizing that every individual deserves the autonomy to make decisions that are meaningful to them.


Our Individual Council is designed to promote self-determination through a range of activities, including:

1. Providing opportunities for individuals to communicate and make personal decisions.

2. Empowering individuals to exercise control over the types of services and supports they receive.

3. Granting authority to individuals to manage resources for their needs.

4. Encouraging active participation and contribution to their communities.

5. Offering support, including financial assistance, for self-advocacy efforts and leadership development.

6. Facilitating involvement in the development of public policies that affect people with developmental disabilities.

Through these initiatives, we aim to create a supportive and empowering environment where individuals with developmental disabilities can thrive and lead fulfilling lives. To join us in our mission to promote self-advocacy and self-determination for all click here!


A Word from the Self-Advocacy Chair- 

"These meetings give the members that we serve the opportunity to voice their suggestions and also any concerns that they may have. It gives us as an agency the opportunity to be able to assist our members and the ability for us to improve as an agency in delivering the services that we do".

Ei-Mpowering Voices: EIHAB's Self-Advocacy Council!

"Empowering Rights: EIHAB's Commitment to Dignity and Inclusion"

Ensuring Your Rights

At EIHAB, we firmly believe in upholding the rights of every individual we support.

We are dedicated to creating an environment where dignity, respect, and inclusivity thrive, regardless of any diagnosis odiagnosis or personal characteristicsr personal characteristic.



- Every person we support is entitled to the same legal and civil rights as anyone else.

- We are committed to treating each individual with unwavering dignity and respect, irrespective of background or health condition.

- Individuals have the freedom to express their religious beliefs freely, without fear of discrimination.

- Discrimination of any kind is strictly prohibited at EIHAB, and we actively promote equality for all.


Promoting Personal Growth:

- Individuals have the right to express themselves and have their voices heard.

- We ensure that individuals receive the support they need to make informed decisions and express their ideas respectfully.

- Each person's right to participate in decision-making processes is honored, with the goal of promoting lifelong learning and personal development.

Ensuring Health and Safety:

- Every individual supported by EIHAB has the right to a safe and sanitary environment.

- We provide protection from any form of abuse, including physical or psychological harm.

- Individuals are empowered to make decisions about their own health care and have access to necessary medical information and services.

Fostering Community Inclusion:

- Individuals supported by EIHAB have the right to live, work, and socialize in safe and inclusive environments.

- We support individuals in pursuing meaningful activities and relationships within their communities.

- Personal autonomy and independence are valued and promoted, with individuals having the right to make choices about their living arrangements, social life, and personal belongings.


At EIHAB, we are committed to ensuring that every individual we support can live a fulfilling and empowered life.

Your rights are our priority, and we are dedicated to protecting and advocating for them at all times.

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