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EIHAB Services

Welcome to EIHAB, where our passion lies in enriching the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our organization prides itself on offering a comprehensive suite of person-centered services, meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of each person under our care.


EIHAB is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of individuals across state lines, providing exceptional services to those with developmental disabilities across various counties and communities in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Through our Residential Services, we strive to cultivate a safe and nurturing environment where individuals can thrive with the support they deserve. Our Day Program Services are designed to foster personal growth and skill development, while our Community Services encourage socialization and inclusion through active participation in local events and activities. Additionally, our Respite Services offer temporary relief for caregivers, ensuring that their loved ones receive the care they need.



"EIHABilitation" is EIHAB's innovative twist on habilitation services, integrating life coaching and self-awareness to encourage exploration and out-of-the-box thinking. This approach prioritizes personal growth, allowing individuals to develop skills, establish new foundations, and progress at their own pace while maintaining a focus on happiness and fulfillment. By combining traditional habilitation with elements of life coaching and self-awareness, EIHABilitation aims to empower individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to lead purposeful lives, embrace new opportunities, and cultivate a sense of self-awareness and agency in their daily living and learning experiences.

With a mission to empower individuals with developmental disabilities to achieve their full potential and lead fulfilling lives, EIHAB remains dedicated to leaving a lasting positive impact across state borders. At EIHAB, we believe in going beyond mere support – our goal is to create opportunities for growth, independence, and meaningful connections within the community. Through our meticulously crafted programs, individuals are empowered to develop essential life skills, engage in enriching activities, and build lasting relationships.


Our commitment to person-centered care means that every aspect of our services is carefully tailored to align with the goals and preferences of each individual we serve. Whether it's through vocational training, recreational activities, or residential support, we strive to create environments that promote autonomy, dignity, and inclusion.


Backed by a team of dedicated professionals and a network of community partners, EIHAB is here to guide and support individuals on their journey towards realizing their full potential. Together, we work tirelessly to build brighter, more fulfilling futures for everyone under our care.


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