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Volunteer Application
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Steps to become an EIHAB volunteer:


Step 1: Fill out and submit the application form.


Step 2: A member of the Volunteer department will review your application and reach out to schedule or conduct an interview. During this interview, we'll discuss your interest in volunteering and answer any questions you may have.


Step 3: Complete the necessary paperwork, including background checks, fingerprinting, and attendance at EIHAB's mandatory training sessions.


Step 4: Once training and all background checks are finished, you'll be prepared to begin volunteering either in-person or virtually. If you're volunteering in-person, you'll be paired with an EIHAB site and supervisor to establish a start date and schedule. If you're volunteering virtually, you can start hosting your activity.


Step 5: Following your initial volunteering experience, the Volunteer department will check in with you and your supervisor to evaluate your progress. We strive to ensure that your volunteering experience is fulfilling for you, your supervisor, and the individuals we support. If the initial volunteer opportunity isn't the right fit, we'll endeavor to find an alternative opportunity that better aligns with your skills and interests.

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