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"Empowering EIHAB's Mission
 The Impact of Fundraising Support"

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Participating in fundraisers helps raise awareness about the challenges faced by people with disabilities and promotes inclusivity and support within the community. Overall, supporting fundraisers with EIHAB not only helps fulfill the agency's mission but also creates positive impacts on the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families.

Fundraising Opportunities

Participating in or supporting fundraisers with EIHAB significantly contributes to the agency's mission. By getting involved in these events, individuals directly contribute to raising essential funds that support EIHAB's programs and initiatives. These funds enable the agency to continue providing vital services such as education, healthcare, vocational training, and more to individuals with disabilities.


Community Sales

Hosting local sales like bake sales, lemonade stands, or selling homemade jewelry serves as a potent fundraising avenue for EIHAB. Beyond fundraising, these events unite community members, offering them opportunities to rally around a shared cause, while also showcasing their skills and ingenuity.

Walk for Inclusion

Mobilizing a community walk not only promotes physical activity but also fosters awareness and generates funds for EIHAB's programs aiding individuals with disabilities. Participants can garner pledges or donations per mile walked, fostering collective involvement in promoting inclusion and support.


Corporate events like galas serve as effective fundraisers for EIHAB's mission. These events engage corporate sponsors, donors, and community members, generating substantial funds through sponsorships, ticket sales, and auctions. Events also showcase EIHAB's impact, honor contributors, and foster partnerships, amplifying awareness and support for individuals with disabilities.

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