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New York Leadership Staff

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Hamdy Elgindy, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Joshua Thomas, Chief Executive Officer,  New Jersey

Tashah Bigelow, Vice President of Operations

Tania Bazzi, Vice President of Behavioral Health
Lelia Quiroz, Corporate Compliance Officer
William Johnston, Comptroller

Jessica Bishop, Chief of Staff

Nicole Flanagan, Executive Operations Specialist 

Nicola Taylor, Acting Director of Human Resources

Mona Saleh, Director of Quality Assurance

Jasmine Vargas, Director of Operations

Olalekan Adesanya, Director Residential Services

Miriam Obembe, Director of Day Services

Aidatou Ayeva, Director of Community Services

Ronda Cambpell, Coordinator of Respite Services 

Sandy Moreira, Intake Coordinator 

Atanazia Auguste, Director of Nursing

Kara Gubner, Director of Psychology

Elizabeth Adelaja, Director of Staff Development and Training
Jose Mariscal, Director of Fleet

Desmond Russell, Director of Maintenance

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