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EIHAB provides a wide array of services to support families and individuals in New York State, such as Residential Services, Day Services, Community Services and more. 


Each one of our day program provides behavioral health support services, community outings, recreational activities and pre-vocational training to help program participants meet their goals and live fulfilling, productive lives. Many of our individuals volunteer at local businesses, further enhancing their independence, socialization and daily living skills. We provide safe, reliable transportation to and from each day-hab program.  

Additionally, EIHAB operates residences throughout Brooklyn and Queens.  Our highly trained staff delivers safe, exceptional care around the clock, meeting the needs of many individuals who call EIHAB home. Our outstanding team of direct support professionals, nurses, behavior specialists, speech therapists and physical/occupational therapists provide loving supervision and encouragement to help residents excel.

EIHAB’s direct support professionals (DSPs) and health trained coordinators accompany individuals to in-person and virtual medical appointments, offering support, guidance and advocacy. DSPs also provide medication monitoring to keep individuals healthy and on track with their daily regimens. Neighborhood outings (attended by staff and individuals) foster community inclusion and help to enhance individuals’ socialization skills.

We also provide Community Services in the Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island and Suffolk Regions. We provide personalized support and care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, promoting independence and inclusion. Our range of services includes residential support, vocational training and social integration opportunities. With a focus on individualized care plans and fostering community inclusion, we empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives with dignity and support.

Our agency also operates a number of supportive apartments, enabling high-functioning individuals to live on their own and gain increased independence and self-sufficiency. Other services include Family Support Services, Transportation Services, and After-School Programs.

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