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Mabi Lemus

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EIHAB DSP Spotlight: Mabi Lemus


Mabi Lemus joined the outstanding team at Bohemia Day Hab as a Direct Support Professional (DSP) when the program opened at the end of 2020. During a fragile time when the world was filled with uncertainty, Mabi quickly stepped up to the plate to make sure individuals’ needs were met and that they continued to meet their goals remotely during the pandemic. She also played an integral role in keeping individuals safe, reiterating the importance of hand hygiene and mask wearing, as well as general safety practices around the house. 


These days, much of the Day Hab activities have shifted back to in-person, allowing individuals to work on money management goals, reading skills, and more, as they enjoy opportunities for increased socialization and community inclusion. “We try to schedule different activities that provide learning and fun,” Mabi says. Ice cream making and a trip to a local Science Center are among many activities that individuals have enjoyed recently.       


Bohemia’s Day Hab participants also learn vocational skills and the importance of giving back to the community. Mabi has been instrumental in securing volunteer opportunities at Pronto Food Pantry and Island Harvest Food Bank. Natalie Sandy-Rael, Program Manager, Bohemia Day Hab, explains, “Staff were tasked with finding new volunteer sites once COVID restrictions eased. Mabi embraced the team challenge and ran with it!”    


While performing various group leader tasks, Mabi has developed essential leadership skills. She builds the calendar and schedules volunteers to deliver food to Pronto and Island Harvest on a daily basis. Individuals also volunteer at a nearby Handy Pantry convenience store, where they help to wipe down shelves and keep track of expiration dates.


“Individuals are very excited about volunteering,” Mabi says. “Some were participating one or two times a week, and now they volunteer every day!”   


Mabi’s fondness for EIHAB’s individuals shines through whenever she discusses her work. She enjoys the great rapport that she has built with them, and she has also developed strong relationships with family members. “Individuals tell their families about what they do at the program and families express their gratitude for the work that I am doing,” Mabi points out. 


Natalie praises Mabi for never hesitating to go above and beyond at Bohemia Day Hab. “When our receptionist was out, Mabi helped to work the front desk. She is also bilingual and serves as an interpreter when communicating with families who speak Spanish,” Natalie explains. “Mabi is lifesaver.”

For Mabi, being a DSP is more than a job. She truly enjoys what she does. “I like to see the individuals happy,” she says. “I love working with all of our Day Hab participants. I have found my calling!”


Thank you Mabi for everything that you do at EIHAB!

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