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Granby Etienne


EIHAB DSP Spotlight: Granby Etienne


Granby Etienne joined EIHAB Human Services as a Direct Support Professional (DSP) four-and-a-half years ago. While assisting individuals at the agency’s Tiff Ct 29 residence, he has been deeply dedicated to ensuring the highest quality care for the nine intellectually and developmentally disabled individuals who call EIHAB home.


Together with his Tiff Ct 29 colleagues, Granby teaches important life skills to individuals and helps them to create a daily routine to familiarize themselves with different tasks. “We pick them up from their day program, we shower them, and prepares their meals…but most of all, we encourage them,” Granby explains.


Support and encouragement are instrumental in helping individuals to build self-confidence and overcome any behavioral challenges. “We surround individuals with positivity and accommodate them the best way possible,” Granby says.  


When caring for individuals, Granby’s nurturing, soft-spoken demeanor helps to keep them calm when they’re having a challenging day. “If someone is non-verbal and is having trouble expressing themselves, I give them a glass of water, or I take them outside for some fresh air. This helps to relax them,” he explains.


He also lends a soothing hand when it’s time to give individuals their medication. If they don’t want to take their meds, Granby never argues with them. “I just try again later and talk to them. Then they take their meds,” he says. It’s a testament to the strong level of trust he has built with the individuals.


When it comes to completing household tasks, Granby has watched individuals achieve significant progress in those areas as well. “They’re particularly helpful with the laundry. They pick up the clothes and bring the basket downstairs,” Granby points out.


As he continues to help individuals build greater independence and self-sufficiency at Tiff Ct 29, Granby offers these wise words of advice for new DSPs starting out in the field: “Stay focused on what you do, and try to put yourself in the individuals’ shoes. Like what you do, and success will follow.”


Thank you Granby for all that you do!

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