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Around-the-Clock Support

EIHAB’s person-centered residential services are provided 24/7 by the agency’s highly trained, culturally diverse staff. Medical coordinators ensure individuals attend scheduled appointments as recommended by their medical teams (our staff accompanies individuals to all doctor’s appointments). Medical coordinators are also responsible for ensuring accurate medical records are kept in the home. Behavior Supports are provided by the agency’s behavior specialist as needed to address challenging behaviors.

Each individual participates in creating a menu for the week in their home. Staff assists with meal planning to ensure all dietary needs are met and that food allergies are considered in meal planning. Food allergies and medical conditions are carefully documented to keep individuals safe and healthy. 

Essential Skill Building

At every well-appointed home, individuals learn daily living skills and coping techniques to help them thrive in everyday life, in accordance with the mission of Pennsylvania’s Office of Developmental Programs (ODP): to help individuals with developmental disabilities achieve greater independence, choice, and opportunity in their lives.

The locations of EIHAB’s residences allow for easy access to recreational activities, fostering many opportunities for community inclusion. Together, individuals and staff participate in food shopping and meal preparation to further facilitate safe eating habits. Individuals also learn how to perform a variety of other household tasks, as well as how to enhance their self-care, communication, and socialization skills. Cookouts, birthday parties, and holiday celebrations are frequently held at EIHAB, helping to build camaraderie, peer support, and a family-like atmosphere among the residences.

Individuals also have access to community day programs (via a referral-based system), where they learn vocational and other critical skills to help them further build their independence and self-sufficiency.

Several individuals have successfully obtained employment, while others currently attend school. EIHAB provides transportation to all locations.

Family Support

EIHAB recognizes the challenging decision made by families to place their loved ones in care. The agency’s compassionate, knowledgeable team helps to ensure a successful transition from the family home to an EIHAB residence. Referrals are reviewed and individuals are offered placement when a vacancy meets the needs of the individual and the needs of the individual in the homes. When immediate placement is not needed, we will develop and license a new home to meet the needs of current referrals that are able to wait for placement.

The agency is currently working to expand our residential services in underserved communities in Northeastern Pennsylvania, enabling access to care in some of the area’s most remote locations. EIHAB’s staff also provides transportation.  

Referral Process

Individuals and families are assigned a support coordinator through their local county. The support coordinator helps to identify vacancies at EIHAB and facilitates the referral process. For more information on referrals and EIHAB’s residential services in Pennsylvania, please contact Patricia Bart, Vice President of Operations, at

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