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New York Programs & Services

EIHAB provides a comprehensive array of person-centered services to support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout New York City and Long Island. Each program provides opportunities for increased self-sufficiency, socialization, and community inclusion, helping individuals to reach their goals and lead bright, fulfilling lives.

Day Habilitation

Our Day Habilitation Without Walls Programs provide individuals with the necessary skills to thrive in the community. Located in Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island, our five Day Hab programs are tailored to encourage employment opportunities for individuals, equipping participants with pre-vocational training and essential workplace skills to forge a successful path. In addition, individuals have the opportunity to volunteer at local food pantries and other sites, learning the importance of giving back to the community. Day Hab program participants also take part in recreational activities, community outings, physical fitness activities, and more. EIHAB provides safe, reliable transportation to and from each Day Hab program.

Residential Services

EIHAB operates 15 well-appointed residences across Brooklyn and Queens. Our high-quality residential services provide 24-hour personalized care to ensure a safe, nurturing environment for every resident. Through person-centered planning, individuals develop important daily living skills, such as self-care and money management, as they achieve greater independence.


Our outstanding team of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), nurses, behavior specialists, speech therapists, and physical/occupational therapists provide around-the-clock support and supervision to help individuals excel. DSPs accompany residents to in-person and virtual medical appointments, offering additional guidance and advocacy. Daily medication monitoring helps to keep individuals on track with their health regimens. Individuals also learn self-advocacy and safety skills, in accordance with state and federal guidelines. (EIHAB always remains in compliance with the latest safety regulations). Recreational activities are frequently provided, offering opportunities for community inclusion and socialization. EIHAB also operates several supportive apartments, enabling many individuals to live on their own and gain more independence.     



Respite care is provided to families and caregivers of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Brooklyn and Queens who are in need of a short-term break to run errands or to tend to other personal matters. Respite services can be provided by a family member, friend, or skilled care provider – either at home, after Day Hab, or in the community. Services are available during daytime or evening hours on weekdays and weekends and typically comprise one to two hours. Activities range from arts and crafts to community walks.

Community Habilitation

Our Community Habilitation Program helps individuals retain and enhance their self-sufficiency and daily living skills. The program is currently offered in Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk County. Activities are structured to coincide with the life plan of EIHAB’s individuals, who work on particular goals and value outcomes in the areas of socialization, self-care, travel safety, communication, money management, and more. Services are provided in the individuals’ homes and also within the community.

To make a referral to EIHAB Human Services, please contact Tashah Bigelow, Vice President of Operations at or complete the form here.

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