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New Jersey Programs & Services

All of EIHAB NJ services follow state and federal guidelines and a specialized quality improvement system designed by EIHAB NJ. We strive to use all available resources to create person-centered services that promote independence and fulfillment. 


Residential Services

Residential group home services provide a well-structured homelike environment to individuals under the supervision of trained professionals and clinicians. In conjunction with their clinical treatment plans, individuals have the opportunity to utilize educational, vocational, social, recreational, and religious resources available in the community. EIHAB NJ takes pride in distinguishing ourselves with our beautiful interior design to create a warm loving and comfortable environment as much as possible.  This service ranges from homes for individuals with behavioral challenges, to those requiring increased nursing care, to those who are on the higher functioning end of the spectrum. EIHAB NJ strives to serve all clients in the most suitable environment. 


Supervised Apartments

Our supervised apartments are available mainly for adults who have achieved the ability to live a more independent lifestyle with minimal staffing support. Our individuals are encouraged to schedule their own appointments, shop for food, create their own menus, bank and budget responsibly, and pursue recreational activities. We do have some apartments in Burlington County that cater to clients who require higher level nursing care. We optimize those locations with a qualified team of skilled nurses and specialized medical equipment to allow for the safest environment while aiming for community inclusion. 


Individual Supports

EIHAB NJ focuses on as much independence as allowed by an individual's ability and tolerance. This service focuses on providing individuals with developmental disabilities who are staying in the residential supervised setting without a day program or job to have a structured day of community inclusion activities and self fulfillment. 

In-Home Supports

In-Home Supports is a variation of our "Individual Supports" service but tailored to individuals who are capable of living in their own homes or apartments. The goal of the service is to provide the support needed for an individual and facilitate their independent living with EIHAB NJ professionals visiting to assist on a decided schedule. 


In-Home Respite

Self-care is an important aspect of good mental health and In-Home Respite is a service catered to families to allow for that. In-Home Respite is designed to help families that are not yet ready or do not wish for their loved ones to live in a DDD-funded setting such as a residential service while would still like to get respite for the honorable yet difficult task of caring for a loved one with a developmental disability. EIHAB NJ sets up the family with dates and times that are agreed upon for EIHAB professionals to provide care for the individual while the family is able to attend to their own needs.  


Behavioral Services

EIHAB NJ has the best-trained BCBA-certified behaviorists to address the behavioral needs of all clients in a residential service or home setting. All of our behavior plans are reviewed by a BCBA-certified behaviorist and our Behavioral and Mental Health Department is led by highly educated professionals of both behavioral and mental health needs. This unique educational combination allows for EIHAB NJ to identify the nuances of care for a client that leans more toward mental health and one who leans more toward behavioral challenges making EIHAB especially equipped to provide care for individuals with dual diagnoses.   



EIHAB NJ recognizes especially after the effects of COVID-19 how difficult it can be for individuals with developmental disabilities to go from place to place. For this reason, EIHAB NJ provides transportation services for those looking to go to day programs or other locations.  


Day Habilitation Services (Coming Soon!)

Day Habilitation Services will focus on activities that empower individuals with developmental disabilities in a dedicated program location during the day or through dedicated outings that foster self-fulfillment. 

Referral Process

For more information on the life changing services we provide please contact Ahmed Gamea Vice President, EIHAB New Jersey at

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