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Elham Elnour


EIHAB DSP Spotlight: Elham Elnour


Elham Elnour has been working as a Direst Support Professional (DSP) at EIHAB for approximately ten years. Soon after joining the agency, she received a taste of the family-like atmosphere that exists at EIHAB’s residences – a memory that remains close to her heart one decade later.


“I worked a double shift during Mother’s Day weekend, and afterwards, the individuals asked me what I was doing for the holiday,” Elham recalls. “When they found out that I had no special plans, they decided to organize a celebration.”


One of the individuals, who is travel-trained, went to the store to purchase some of    Elham’s favorite snacks, which Elham enjoyed at the party that individuals threw in her honor. “That was one of my best Mother’s Day’s,” Elham says. “I cried tears of joy. It was so special, and it inspired me to stay for ten years!”


For Elham, EIHAB’s individuals are the reason why she comes to work every day. She has cherished the journey of getting to know them, and building a rapport that remains strong. “The individuals stole my heart,” Elham says.


While caring for the five individuals who call the Canarsie residence home, Elham helps them to master “the everyday things that we all do.” She helps them to meet their goals, such as enhancing their money management skills and their ability to perform household tasks. With each activity, Elham has witnessed continuous growth, as well as increased self-awareness and time management skills.


She does her best to reduce any triggers associated with behavioral challenges, building on the trust and rapport that she has successfully built over the years. Elham explains, “If individuals ever feel angry, they know they can come talk to me.”


That same trust and communication also pertain to community activities. “If we’re in a store and an individual wants to buy something, they know they can ask me for a second opinion before making their purchase,” she points out.  


In addition to neighborhood stores, Elham also enjoys accompanying individuals to the mall, movies, and other recreational outings. She also accompanied them on a recent vacation to Pennsylvania that the residence organized.


Elham never hesitates to provide support to individuals, often taking on extra shifts when needed. During Hurricane Sandy, she remained at the residence for three days in a row to ensure the residence had ample coverage. When the Canarsie area faced serious flood damage as a result of the storm, she helped to transport EIHAB’s individuals to a temporary residence to keep them safe. Throughout the pandemic, Elham was (and remains) instrumental in helping individuals adapt to the many safety protocols that have been implemented.

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