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Experience the vibrant celebration of African American culture, history, and achievements at the Juneteenth Art Exhibit, held at the Springfield Day Hab on 6/25/2024. We invite all individuals to showcase their artwork, capturing the essence of emancipation and freedom, African American heritage and culture, civil rights and social justice, as well as black excellence and achievements.


Here are a few themes to explore for the event, which we encourage all individuals to consider and reflect in their artworks:

Emancipation and Freedom

African American Heritage and Culture

Civil Rights and Social Justice

Black Excellence and Achievements


The Juneteenth Art Exhibit will provide a rich and diverse celebration of African American history and culture. It will honor the significance of the holiday while educating and inspiring the audience with the beauty and depth of our collective heritage. Let's come together to create a memorable and impactful event that showcases the talent and creativity within our community.

Artist Painting Picture


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